The Real Southern Hotspot


Welcome to the capital of South Carolina, Columbia, where visitors and residents can feel the southern charm of this creative hub throughout its vibrant neighborhoods and fun-filled countryside. The tenacious spirit of the community flows through the streets of the city, where distinguished buildings sizzle with new and exciting businesses amongst the scenic natural surroundings of the majestic great outdoors. With a wide variety of local shopping venues, dining & drinking establishments, and year-round festivals, Columbia is a hot spot for incoming folks looking for the right housing opportunities to suit their needs.

Steeped in culture and history, Columbia has a diverse architectural landscape with conventional upstanding neighborhoods, prominent museums, and fun-filled streets brimming with adventure. The Columbia Museum of Art is the cultural heart of downtown Columbia with impressive national exhibitions on display. Visit the South Carolina State House to experience a piece of local history. Stroll through colorful Main Street on a Saturday to enjoy the ultimate farmer’s market, Soda City Market, where various street vendors offer tastes and sights from around the world.

Columbia has its fair share of breathtaking parks and enjoyable outdoor adventure within the city limits. Harbison State Forest offers plenty of trails to explore for experienced and inexperienced hikers and bikers. At the same time, Lake Murray is the perfect watery playground for all your boating, fishing, swimming, and paddling needs.

Discover the thriving local housing market within this charming community where there is something for everyone. Whether it’s the bustling streets of this downtown metropolis or the residential suburbs of this capital, Columbia is an extraordinary place to call home.

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